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Engagement Rings And Wedding Rings – What’s The Difference?

An engagement ring, also called an engagement band, is simply a band of metal, usually with a diamond, that’s engraved or marked with an symbolic message. An engagement ring is usually given by a groom to his future wife as an engagement present, or even directly following a wedding proposal. The engagement ring itself is often very simple in design. Engagement rings do not need to be gold, though more couples are choosing to go for a gold setting for their ring sets. The traditional wedding ring for the bride is always made of gold, though this is slowly being replaced by other precious metals, like platinum. Some people also opt to get their engagement rings engraved with a special message in the event that their budget simply doesn’t allow them to afford such an elaborate ring.

Another reason why people may opt to get their rings engraved is because it makes their rings more unique and “something different”. For example, some people will use cubic zirconia instead of diamonds on their engagement rings. The biggest problem with using cubic zirconia instead of diamonds is that these stones are easily stained. Other people will also avoid using diamonds on their rings, especially if they are going to wear it everyday. The problem with diamonds is that they are often very heavy, and can cause the ring to slip out of one’s finger, causing potential damage to it.

Traditionally, engagement rings often contain one precious stone, either a diamond or a ruby. However, many couples are choosing to use multi-stones in their rings. Many people choose to wear a diamond on their engagement ring, but one can also use a series of smaller diamonds to create a “starburst” effect. Other people have used rubies, emeralds and other brightly colored stones to create a singular, striking effect.

Multi-stones are usually more expensive than single-stone engagement rings, which can be as much as twice the price of a single gemstone ring. However, multi-stones are usually chosen for their cut and clarity, as well as the color of the gemstone. Some diamonds are even colored yellow or brown, which makes them very versatile and very beautiful. When choosing a diamond for an engagement ring, couples should keep in mind that quality is almost as important as the cut of the gemstone. When looking for the perfect ring, a couple should consider spending several thousand dollars to get a gemstone with perfect clarity and color.

Because diamonds are so precious, they usually last for a long time. However, as the couple ages, they may wish to replace old diamonds with more affordable diamonds. While a diamond will not change in value over time, it may be possible to improve the appearance of older diamonds by applying certain chemicals to them. In recent years, organic diamonds have become more popular for engagement rings.

Some engagement rings contain diamonds and others do not; some have stones which are worn on the same row as the engagement stone, and others are worn on separate rows. The shape of the gemstone is also often a factor in whether it is worn on an engagement ring or not. Many couples wear gemstones which are oblong or round in shape. Other couples wear shapes such as heart-shaped diamonds.

White Gold Engagement Rings: The primary metals which are used in wedding rings are platinum, white gold, and yellow gold. A large variety of engagement rings contain platinum or white gold, and these are usually accompanied by yellow gold which can be quite dramatic. Many people who are shopping for wedding rings opt for platinum or white gold engagement rings because they are less susceptible to scratches, tarnishing, and other forms of damage.

Diamonds which are given as engagement rings are often given as wedding rings too. Couples who wear engagement rings together often select the same diamond for their wedding band. If both partners wear equally sized bands, one partner may choose a larger gemstone and the other choose a smaller stone. Many couples wear diamonds with their engagement rings, and these diamonds are often given as wedding rings along with the engagement ring. A good jeweler will be able to advise which diamonds to wear, how much of each to wear, and which settings to wear the diamond in.

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